Talk or Presentation

Talk I gave at #LISA2018. I've given this talk as a half day tutorial, at LISA2018 I gave it in 90minutes. The bulk of the talk is laying a solid foundation on how Linux works. Slides

Talk I gave at PuppetConf 2016
Slides are here

Tutorial from Cascadia 2015, all about automating your puppet workflow using git, git-hooks, puppet-sync and r10k.

Slides are available here:

Tutorial Questions here:

Files used on github:

Tutorial I gave at LISA 2014

This is a talk about running puppet in the enterprise, or at scale. The original title of Mastering Puppet was Puppet in the Enterprise, the talk was to present the ideas in the book.

The tutorial files are located on github at:

I uploaded the lisa2014.iso Live image used in the demo to dropbox, get it here https://www.dropbox.…

Talk I gave at puppetcamp seattle 2014

In the first part, Troubleshooting Puppet talks about problems with communication, how to make sure puppet is running and connecting to a master. In the second part, the talk moves on to compilation and catalog application issues. Real world solutions are presented throughout.

Lightening talk I gave at SASAG on Sept 12, 2013.

Quick intro to using netcat and gnutls-cli to interact with HTTP, IMAP and SMTP and debug problems.

I Used reveal.js and shellinabox to do the magic. Shellinabox is run inside an iframe. I created a user to run the examples as during the demo (sasag), then started multiple shellinabox runs using a bash script.…

Talk I gave at puppetconf2013 on using exported resources to dynamically configure your system. Using augeas and concat the examples build up a working dns implementation that is automatic. The system was simplified a lot for the talk but the principles of using exported resources to configure the system is powerful.

Puppet posted the video.
The slides are here:

There are some video examples embedded in the video as well.…

A talk I gave at Lopsa NJ on linux-kvm, slides in a google doc here

John recorded the talk so maybe it'll be posted on lopsa's website soon...