network fun

Lightening talk I gave at SASAG on Sept 12, 2013.

Quick intro to using netcat and gnutls-cli to interact with HTTP, IMAP and SMTP and debug problems.

I Used reveal.js and shellinabox to do the magic. Shellinabox is run inside an iframe. I created a user to run the examples as during the demo (sasag), then started multiple shellinabox runs using a bash script. Shouldn't have needed to start more than one, but chrome wouldn't let me type in them all when they were running from the same instance.

Here is the shell script and css I used:


SHELL="shellinaboxd -d -t --css=/usr/share/shellinabox/color.css --user-css /:+white-on-black.css --localhost-only --no-beep"
SHELL2="shellinaboxd -d -t --css=/usr/share/shellinabox/color.css --user-css /:+white-on-black-small.css --localhost-only --no-beep"
shellinaboxd -d -t --port 4200 --css=/usr/share/shellinabox/color.css \
--user-css /:+white-on-black.css \
--localhost-only --no-beep \
-s /telnet/:sasag:sasag:/home/sasag:/bin/bash &
$SHELL --port 4201 -s /listening/:sasag:sasag:/home/sasag:/bin/bash &
$SHELL --port 4202 -s /listening2/:sasag:sasag:/home/sasag:/bin/bash &
$SHELL2 --port 4203 -s /cat/:sasag:sasag:/home/sasag:/bin/bash &
$SHELL --port 4204 -s /links/:sasag:sasag:/home/sasag:/bin/bash &
$SHELL --port 4205 -s /socket/:sasag:sasag:/home/sasag:/bin/bash &
$SHELL --port 4206 -s /gnutlscli/:sasag:sasag:/home/sasag:/bin/bash &
$SHELL --port 4207 -s /socket2/:sasag:sasag:/home/sasag:/bin/bash &


#vt100 #cursor.bright {
background-color: black;
color: white;
font-size: 16pt;
height: 16px;

#vt100 #console, #vt100 #alt_console, #vt100 #cursor, #vt100 #lineheight {
font-size: 16pt;

#vt100 #scrollable {
color: black;
background-color: white;
font-size: 16pt;

#vt100 #lineheight {
height: 18px;

#vt100 #scrollable.inverted {
color: #000000;
background-color: #ffffff;

#vt100 .ansi15 {
color: #000000;

#vt100 .bgAnsi0 {
background-color: #ffffff;

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