After upgrading to 4.2 we had problems deleting emails, from dimp there was no problem, but imp would complain that the link you tried was only valid for 0 seconds. The fix on this page solved that: Mainly, put these lines in horde/imp/config/conf.php: $conf['server']['cache_folders'] = true; $conf['server']['token_lifetime'] = 1800; $conf['server']['cachejs'] = 'none'; $conf['server']['cachecss'] = 'none'; Additionally, we changed our tokens in horde from sql to file.

Using fedora-ds 1.04 on RHEL5.1 talking to a 2003 AD. Passwords were syncing from the AD to the DS but not vice-versa. We use MD5 passwords, that seems to be the problem, only SSHA passwords seem to work. Our ldap.conf has this line: pam_password md5 With this line in the passwords are changed on windows, but to something incoherent, probably due to an incompatible hashing. We commented out the line and now passwords are syncing in both directions.

"A kayak is like a shoe, if it works for you, then it's not going to work for me" -JS
"It's still a real bass in my mind" -PB

There were a few problems building vlc for rhel5, quite a few dependencies as well. doesn't compile cleanly after a kernel upgrade, here's how you can make it recompile cleanly for you.

There are several pages out there on how to do this. I found that they were mostly dead and I had to use google cache on them. I'm just reposting a lot of information here... Geoff Levand does all the kernel work.

I was thinking of making a component cable for myself, but this turned out to be too big a project. Here is the dismantling of the gamecube instead.

The original Gamecube had two ports on the back, DIGITAL AV OUT and ANALOG AV OUT. It is possible to get Composite and S-Video out of the Analog port. The Digital Port is actually digital, the component cable from Nintendo has a digital to analog converter chip embedded in the plug.

Skype beta now supports video. We purchased some logitech QuickCams to allow them to try out the video. When we plug in the QuickCam after boot, everything works fine. However, if we plug before booting, we lose sound.

The eduPerson defined by eduCause at this site didn't work with Fedora Directory Server, the syntax was a bit off on the files I downloaded.