I was trying to get Songbird to recognise my ipod and it wouldn't because the ipod was automounted under /media. I put the UUID of the iPod_Control partition in my fstab. I used blkid to get the UUID of that partition. [root@server0 ~]# blkid /dev/sdc2 /dev/sdc2: LABEL="IPOD" UUID="ABCD-1234" TYPE="vfat" I then put the UUID in fstab UUID=ABCD-1234 /mnt/ipod vfat user 0 0 After this, I ejected the iPod using "eject /dev/sdc". Reinserting the iPod i then mounted the iPod using "mount /mnt/ipod". After all that I restarted songbird and the ipod was detected right away.

The preferences button on the add-on was greyed out for me the whole time btw.


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