I have a DVD from which I wish to extract an audio clip. I used the raw VOB files and mplayer. The clip I wanted is 37 seconds long and starts 18 minutes and 53 seconds into the first VOB file.

Madwifi seems to work with this machine, but only after setting mode 2 with iwpriv. Module loads cleanly otherwise, but fails to associate with the network. We see several networks with NetworkManager, but cannot obtain an ip address from any of them. To fix, modify modules.conf to set mode 2 after loading the module.
install ath_pci /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install ath_pci; /sbin/iwpriv ath0 mode 2
After this, we can associate.

The Adobe PDF plugin accepts arguments in a url, anything after a # is passed to the plugin. There was a vulnerability because of this. To jump to a specific page, put #page= after your link. http://www.math.ias.edu/~avi/PUBLICATIONS/MYPAPERS/DSW06/dsw06.pdf#page=6 To zoom in to a specific zoom, you can also put #zoom= after your link.

My current favourite drawing package is tikz/pgf. This is an excellent package for drawing in LaTeX, you can include any equations you like in figures and exactly control where to put things. Examples:

I've gone through a few iterations of presentation packages for LaTeX. ppower4 and prosper were good alternatives at one point. My current favourite is beamer. Here are some sample talks written in beamer. rpm-talk-2 tex pdf

Another department bought some T60's with Atheros Wireless.

If you use your physical disk with vmware and see this message while booting: NTLDR is compressed There is an incompatibility between vmware's detection of your hard disk and your real bios's detection. A hack to get past this is to make an NT Boot floppy and tell the floppy to boot Windows from the Hard Disk.

NT Boot Disk

Follow the instructions from Microsoft (KB305595), or the following.

The synaptics touchpad can be used as a scroll wheel mouse. This is well documented in the man page, but I thought I'd post the relevant section from my xorg.conf just incase anyone is having trouble configuring theirs.

I finally got compiz to work on my box, in the end going with the method for FC5 seems like the best route. I replaced the compiz in FC6 with the one from fedoraxgl.tuxfamily, this made the biggest difference. I'm using version 30.3 of the ATI driver, for now I'm using the installer instead of the rpm.

The Intel driver uses the bios to determine resolutions, you need to use an app to change the bios resolution if you want 1920x1200. The default is 1920x1400, which won't display properly. You'll also need a 1920x1200 modeline, I've included it at the bottom of the post.