I wanted to apply puppet classes to a node using a script, I started looking at the foreman REST API but stumbled upon the foreman_api ruby. I specified hostgroups in foreman and added puppet classes to the hostgroups. The idea is that I want to be able to change the hostgroups using a script.

Running things through irb this is what I came up with for changing the hostgroups.


require 'rubygems'
require 'foreman_api'


hosts = ForemanApi::Resources::Host.new(
:base_url => 'http://foreman.example.com',
:username => 'apiuser',
:password => 'PacktPub'

hosts.update({"id" => hostname, "host" => {"hostgroup_id"=>2}})

Hammer-cli looks a little more promising for this sort of programmed changing of foreman parameters. With hammer I was able to add arbitrary classes to a node.

$ hammer host update --name node1.example.com --puppetclass-ids 14,35
Host updated

With either method I need to know the id's of the hostgroups or the puppetclasses.
I can get those with either though, but I still need to work them out first.

$ hammer puppet_class list
14 | example_one
35 | example_two

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