X11 forwarding with ssh to a system with AFP/CIFS home directories (xauth fails)

I had a user come to me saying they couldn't forward X11 from their home institution to us. I watched them logged in and noticed that xauth was complaining it couldn't lock files. I looked a little deeper and it was that xauth creates a temporary file, then hardlinks to .Xauthority. The problem is that this remote system uses CIFS for home directories (weird huh?).

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creating a new logical drive with MegaCli on linux (MegaRaid SAS)

I have a system with megaraid and I needed to add a new logical drive. I wanted to do it without rebooting, so I started looking around. I got the MegaCLI from LSI's website and was dismayed by it's apparent lack of documentation.

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cannot manage certificates from admin console on redhat directory server (redhat/fedora/389)

After installing certificates on the directory server and enabling ssl, the admin server wouldn't allow us to access certificates. After clicking on "Manage Certificates" on the Tasks tab, we'd get this error:

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cannot unmount nfs version 3 export on rhel/centos 5

We have a server exporting a filesystem with nfs version 3. rhel5 clients cannot unmount the filesystem and have this error:
[root@client /]# umount /var/spool/mail umount.nfs: server.example.com:/export: not found / mounted or server not reachable

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nookcolor unbrickable (1.0.0 rooted to 1.0.1 unrooted a long journey)

I preface this by saying that I know it's all my fault. I am really impressed by how well Barnes and Noble have built the nookcolor. It's unbrickable, and I've tried (not on purpose) many times now.

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