approaches limit \doteq
models \models
approximately \approx ≈ not an element of \notin ∉
asymptotically equal to \simeq
not equal \neq ≠
congruent \cong ≅ original of \sqsupset
contains \ni ∋ original of or equal to \sqsupseteq
divides \mid
parallel \parallel
element of \in ∈ perpendicular \perp ⊥
equivalent \equiv ≡ precedes \prec
equivalent to \asymp
precedes or equal to \preceq
frown \frown
proportional to \propto
> greater than > > right tack \vdash
greater than or equal \ge \geq ≥ similar/tilde \sim ∼
much greater than \gg
smile \smile
image of \sqsubset
subset of \subset ⊂
image of or equal to \sqsubseteq
subset of or equal to \subseteq ⊆
join \bowtie
succedes \succ
left tack \dashv
succedes or equal to \succeq
< less than < &lt; superset of \supset &sup;
less than or equal \le\leq &le; superset of or equal to \supseteq &supe;
much less than \ll

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