Howto import songs and videos onto an iPod in Linux

By thomas, 7 March, 2006
There is an excellent package for working with an iPod on Linux. gtkpod. Since version 0.99.2 it supports importing of Video's To install gtkpod, you'll need libgpod. With both installed, you can run gtkpod (it'll be in your menu under Sound & Video, called iPod Song Manager) and tell it where your system mounted your iPod. On my machine the mini mounts to /media/ipod and the video mounts to /media/usbdisk. gtkpod 0.99.4 RPM SRPM SPEC
libgpod 0.3.2 RPM SRPM SPEC

Time Machine Track DetailsThe songs are in iPodControl/Music/f??/*mp3. The videos are in the Videos dir. To put a video on the iPod, first encode it properly. Next using nautilus, drag the file from your computer to the iPod in gtkpod. Or just go to "+ Files" icon and click on it. Once your file is imported, it should be at the bottom of the list of songs/videos. Right click and select "Edit Details" to give your video an Artist, Album and Title. Mp3's with proper tags should already have their information set correctly. Don't forget to click "Sync" before ejecting your iPod. (I find using "eject /media/usbdisk" to be the most effective way of undocking the iPod).