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GNOME kiosk session in SunRay SRSS 4.1 on RHEL5

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By thomas - Posted on 05 June 2009

After installing SRSS we tried to setup a gnome kiosk session. There were no prototypes for this installed. After scouring the net we only found an example of something that didn't work :-(. Here is our config.




*make sure gnome-kiosk is executable. It's a very silly script, but it seems that this is required, when we set KIOSK_SESSION_EXEC to gnome-session it didn't work.

The only other thing we did was make a directory called gnome in prototypes (/etc/opt/SUNWkio/prototypes/gnome)

After making these scripts the kiosk steps in the sunray manual worked.

utpolicy -a -z both -k pseudo

Our SunRays now login to a gnome session if there is no card in the sunray. We locked down the session using sabayon. Hope that helps.

Hello, AM having trouble getting gnome kiosk, do u think you can write a more elaborate way of getting kiosk working on Gnome?


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