Symptom: iPod is blinking "Do Not Disconnect" even after you've umounted the filesystem. You need to eject the iPod. Umounting is not enough. You need to send an ALLOW_MEDIUM_REMOVAL to the usb device. The easiest way is with eject. Depending on your system, you may need to be root, or allow suid on eject (chmod u+s `which eject`). I've found that suid on eject is the most consistent solution, but I don't like suid executables on the system. sudo should also work, but I haven't tested this yet.

There is a patch in the recent eject that should solve this if you own the device (chown `whoami` /dev/devicename). Anyway, if your device was mounted under /media/usbdisk, do this: eject /media/usbdisk (This just executes "eject /dev/sde" on my system, but it doesn't require you knowing the device name) After a few seconds your iPod will flash and you'll be ready to go again...

If you already umounted the filesystem, eject will not work. You'll need to try remounting the filesystem and ejecting or just pull the plug and reconnect.


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