Bluetooth keyboard on nookcolor (cyanogen)

After putting cyanogen on my nookcolor, I wanted to try out a bluetooth keyboard. I borrowed an Apple keyboard from a friend and started playing. Initially I paired and it looked like it was going to work right out of the box but...

the connection kept breaking and I couldn't type more than a few characters in any app. I looked around and found Bluetooth keyboard easy connect int he market. I installed it and then rebooted as it advised. After that I didn't have to do anything, it just connected to the keyboard and it worked great for about 5 minutes then stopped. It seems really flaky. I read a few posts that said that the apple keyboard isn't just hid and does other weird things, so I got a microsoft 6000 bluetooth keyboard instead. After uninstalling bluetooth keyboard easy connect and rebooting, I paired with the microsoft keyboard. Right away it worked a lot better than the apple keyboard. Good job apple, can't even follow the bluetooth spec. With the Microsoft keyboard I can select icons using the arrow keys. So it does work right out of the box as long as you don't have that apple keyboard...

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