I purchased a Proxima DPP6850 off ebay. Because the projector is a few years old, it doesn't have any component video capability. It has composite, s-video and two rgbvh (VGA) inputs.

The composite video display is not very good at the size of my screen (100"), I tried S-Video but the improvement was not enough. I started researching adapters, the one I eventually I got this adapter. The adapter only does progressive scan, it does not work on non-progressive component output. You'll have to setup your DVD for progressive output, in my case I did this using the composite input so I could see what I was doing, then switched to the adapter on the RGB input. The difference is really very noticable and the noise is almost completely removed. The inability to see non progressive output is somewhat of a nuisance, but you can always resort to the composite in a pinch.

The adapter I have is pretty good, I also tried this adapter and the image was actually poorer than composite. Also this adapter does not display progressive scan. I'm still looking for a good component to RGB adapter, but so far, the progressive only one is the best I've tried.

Sample Output

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