A couple of friends and I decided to try out rifftrax. We decided on the Matrix as our first film. Rifftrax.com is a great idea, finally the MST3k style can be applied to movies too popular or expensive to otherwise make fun of. We eventually enjoyed the riff, but syncing wasn't as simple as we had hoped. We initally just opened up two vlc windows and manually synced that way. One great line was in the dojo, Morpheus: "You think that's air you're breathing?" Riff: "Little baby thinks he's breathing air little baby air breather" I enclose my crow file, I hope it works for someone. To follow the instructions at www.sharecrow.com/Rifftrax.htm we had to use Title 13 on our DVD, Title 1 would not work. Also, our DVD Start time was 0:00:01.499, the sync timecode from rifftrax was 2.27, so we had to take this into account when doing the initial sync.


It's a shame the crows are provided, without them it's a big pain to keep the dvd in sync. Still, it's a great idea, I hope to see Xanadu and Lord of the Rings up there soon.

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