AuroraLinux on an UltraBook

  • Black/Blank Screen First time I tried it, kernel boots then nothing. The laptop display cannot handle the default resolution after the kernel boots, verified with external monitor, saw the output I was expecting To get the lcd working, set the resolution manually by appending the following to the kernel parameters video=atyfb:1024x768@60
  • Ethernet Sun Happy Meal Ethernet (sunhme) seems to work fine.
  • XServer For installation, selected text mode, worry about X later. boot net text X doesn't appear to work because of some PCI enumeration problem.
  • HD New 2.5" IDE 20GB, recognised without issue, did get one hda: lost interrupt after building the partition table, rebooted then all was fine again.
Have determined that the Ultrabook is fairly useless, no serial port, no speed, small screen. With at least a serial port I could have put it on a UPS or switch and do some local monitoring. UltraBook returned when Faculty upgraded to newer laptop. Decided to try Aurora Linux on it for fun.