ipaddress to hostname without a single shred of error checking. This code will take an ipaddress as an argument and return the hostname associated with it using gethostbyaddr. It should have more error checking and a lot of other stuff, but this is just to show the base code. Cut and paste away. [includecode#../code/gethostbyaddr.c]


Note: this is super old, use puppet instead these days...


Script: update_machine update_file
We use this simple script (no error checking as usual) to update our machine configuration.
We keep the configuration files in cvs and download them to a new machine.

Script: iptohex

No error checking, just a simple time saver. Converts an ipaddress into hexadecimal suitable for use by tftp tools and pxe booting. The builtin command gethostip does this also, I include the script incase someone finds it useful.


iptohex 0AA8C086

Unabashedly simple scripts that I use. Hopefully someone will find them useful.

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I once made a huge mistake on our mailserver. It was a Solaris box and this is before I knew how to build solaris packages properly...so I was building things on the mailserver. I was in /var/spool/mail when I typed:
make -C /path/to/Makefile clean

I'm Thomas H. Uphill, my son is Noah (he's on the banner sometimes), my daughter is Aunjanue.

My father's name is Dennis H. Uphill, he's also known as Dr. Video or Dr. Science. He has a penchant for detail and problem solving. He's a strong union supporter, which he comes by naturally...

His father was Norman H. Uphill, he was a Union Executive for the Pipefitters and Steamfitters Union Local 170. His Union duties came to him naturally also...

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Recently some laptops in our network stopped downloading virus definitions. Our firewall was configured to allow traffic from the wireless vlan to our server

There is an excellent package for working with an iPod on Linux. gtkpod. Since version 0.99.2 it supports importing of Video's