horde 4 imp 5 uw-imap mail issues (Unknown Date, Invalid Address, Error communicating with server ajax_error, etc...)

By thomas, 18 August, 2011
After upgrading to horde 4.0.8 and imp 5.0.9 a few users had issues reading email. There were some messages missing, or for some users no messages at all.

In dimp/Dynamic the mailbox would fail to load and the message "Error communicating with Server" would be displayed, this was triggered by ajax_error (that's about as far as we got debugging).

In imp the mailbox would show thousands of messages but they would mostly say "Invalid Address" and "Unknown Date" with "No Subject".

Looking around we finally found this bug that shows it's due to bugginess in the UW-Imap server (time for dovecot).

The fix was the following line in imp/config/backends.local.php:

'capability_ignore' => array('ESEARCH')

After that we restarted apache and all was well.