cannot manage certificates from admin console on redhat directory server (redhat/fedora/389)

By thomas, 16 February, 2011
After installing certificates on the directory server and enabling ssl, the admin server wouldn't allow us to access certificates. After clicking on "Manage Certificates" on the Tasks tab, we'd get this error: An error has occured - Could not open file (null)

And this error would appear in the logs

[Wed Feb 16 10:41:04 2011] [notice] [client] admserv_host_ip_check: ap_get_remote_host could not resolve
I found this bug on the subject and saw the clue. The certificate authority for the cert must be installed on the admin server also.

I went to the admin console, under tasks clicked Manage Certificates and saw a completely empty list under CA Certs. My cert was signed by Equifax, so I just went into /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt and grabbed the text of the Equifax CA and installed the CA and trusted it.

After that Manage Certificates works on the Directory Server. Manage Certificates showing trusted CA's

The admserv_host_ip_check error still occurs so it must be unrelated to this error. I changed the AllowAccess entries in cn=NetscapeRoot, but the errors still happen in the logs...even though everything is working, go figure.