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Recently some laptops in our network stopped downloading virus definitions. Our firewall was configured to allow traffic from the wireless vlan to our server

There is an excellent package for working with an iPod on Linux. gtkpod. Since version 0.99.2 it supports importing of Video's

My co-worker just got an iPod so I thought I would try and encode a DVD onto it (an unencrypted DVD that I own, for backup purposes only, not to be used for public performances, etc, only I looked at it, I shut it off when someone looked over my shoulder...blah blah). The ffmpeg that comes stock on RHEL4 is insufficient to do the transcoding. I built a newer version and mucked around a bit and got this going. I have a simple wrapper (there are numerous versions of such scripts floating around).

This happens to me when I'm importing photographs, I end up with files called .JPG or .jpeg and I prefer .jpg.

for file in *.JPG
mv $file `basename $file .JPG`.jpg

The command rename does this same thing nicely, but knowing the for loop way can be more useful sometimes...and if you didn't know about rename, then I guess that would be useful too.

rename .JPG .jpg *.JPG

Say you have some files named a100 to a200 that you want to rename to b200 to b100 (it really does happen).

for x in `seq 100 200`
   mv a$x b$((y--))

seq is a fairly useful tool, it can also take a reversed list.

for x in `seq 200 -1 100`
printf "$x "

There are probably a million better ways to do these, but these are tricks that I keep using (I'm well on my way to becoming an old crusty unix guy :-( )

I purchased a Proxima DPP6850 off ebay. Because the projector is a few years old, it doesn't have any component video capability. It has composite, s-video and two rgbvh (VGA) inputs.

The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) has many messages that are identified by a "type" field. I use the types to specify what actions to take in my custom iptables config.

Digital AV Out

To watch Gamecube games in progressive scan, you need to have a gamecube with digital out. Since 2004, Nintendo took the digital port off the gamecube. You can get your gamecube replaced with a model with the port directly from Nintendo.