I followed the simple guide in the forum but was still unable to use my keys. Turns out my keys were DSA, and FreeSSHD only seems to know about RSA keys. I generated some RSA keys and everything was fine.
Trying to use sshfs to mount in an nfs mounted home directory and we were getting this error: fusermount: failed to open mountpoint for reading: Permission denied It must have something to do with userid's, the solution was to make the mountpoint world readable and executable. The containing home directory is not world readable anyway... Hope that helps someone. PS - To umount the sshfs mounted filesystem, use fusermount -u
I'm having trouble resuming on my T60p. With gnome-power-manager if I sleep and resume within 5minutes everything is ok. If I sleep (close the lid) and wait more than 5 minutes the machine never comes back, the video remains black but otherwise it appears to be running, not crashed.
We tried dual booting my N810Wimax but the default initfs kept crashing with the error: wimax init Also, you couldn't use the direction pad to select any options in the menu. Thankfully my friend Brian was able to fix the problem. linuxrc needed a few hacks and the applications fb_update_mode and evkey needed to be added to /usr/bin

Bootmenu needed to be patched to correctly set the memory card location. The mmc cards change numbers during boot, which can be confusing.

I needed to edit the initfs filesystem on my n810 wimax.
While trying to run the upgrade script 2008-08-29_fix_mdb2_sequences.php we were getting the following error: A fatal error has occurred MDB2 Error: not found This is after installing MDB2, the problem was we didn't have the MySQL driver for MDB2. pear install -fa MDB2_Driver_mysql After that the upgrade runs to completion. [ OK ] Modified sequence for kronolith_shares [ OK ] Modified sequence for turba_shares [ OK ] Done
After copying our configuration from our old server to our new server, we lost the select box that allowed the user to choose Traditional (imp) or Dynamic (dimp). Reading login.php we found: if (!empty($conf['user']['select_view'])) { $apps = $registry->listApps(null, true); $view_cookie = isset($_COOKIE['default_imp_view']) ? $_COOKIE['default_imp_view'] : ($browser->isMobile() && isset($apps['mimp']) ?
After upgrading to 4.2 we had problems deleting emails, from dimp there was no problem, but imp would complain that the link you tried was only valid for 0 seconds. The fix on this page solved that: http://lists.horde.org/archives/imp/Week-of-Mon-20080526/049140.html Mainly, put these lines in horde/imp/config/conf.php: $conf['server']['cache_folders'] = true; $conf['server']['token_lifetime'] = 1800; $conf['server']['cachejs'] = 'none'; $conf['server']['cachecss'] = 'none'; Additionally, we ch
Using fedora-ds 1.04 on RHEL5.1 talking to a 2003 AD. Passwords were syncing from the AD to the DS but not vice-versa. We use MD5 passwords, that seems to be the problem, only SSHA passwords seem to work. Our ldap.conf has this line: pam_password md5 With this line in the passwords are changed on windows, but to something incoherent, probably due to an incompatible hashing. We commented out the line and now passwords are syncing in both directions.
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