After putting cyanogen on my nookcolor, I wanted to try out a bluetooth keyboard. I borrowed an Apple keyboard from a friend and started playing. Initially I paired and it looked like it was going to work right out of the box but...

I had a user come to me saying they couldn't forward X11 from their home institution to us. I watched them logged in and noticed that xauth was complaining it couldn't lock files. I looked a little deeper and it was that xauth creates a temporary file, then hardlinks to .Xauthority. The problem is that this remote system uses CIFS for home directories (weird huh?).

I have a system with megaraid and I needed to add a new logical drive. I wanted to do it without rebooting, so I started looking around. I got the MegaCLI from LSI's website and was dismayed by it's apparent lack of documentation.

After installing certificates on the directory server and enabling ssl, the admin server wouldn't allow us to access certificates. After clicking on "Manage Certificates" on the Tasks tab, we'd get this error:

We have a server exporting a filesystem with nfs version 3. rhel5 clients cannot unmount the filesystem and have this error:
[root@client /]# umount /var/spool/mail umount.nfs: not found / mounted or server not reachable

I preface this by saying that I know it's all my fault. I am really impressed by how well Barnes and Noble have built the nookcolor. It's unbrickable, and I've tried (not on purpose) many times now.

After upgrading from ie6 to ie7 for our crossover pro users, we found that they were all getting the runonce page ( and couldn't get rid of it. Searching the codeweaver support site didn't help, the only advice given there was to ignore the issue.

I wanted to run a script against my netapp to delete some snapshots pragmatically, I used to use rsh for that sort of thing, but rsh is considered evil these days... I found this post, the guy in the post says it doesn't work, but it worked perfectly for me...

I was trying to update some information in my filer using options and running into a wall, so I thought I'd try filerview. On Mac,Linux, Windows it wouldn't work. I kept getting the same error: Exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.netapp.admin.FilerAutosupportConfigUIApplet.class

I had a few requests to get this working on our workstations. I managed to get a working version hacked together. I'm still working on making a proper package, at the moment it's just a binary rpm. I managed to get a working rpm that builds itself properly using a vlc hack. The problem is that the import of gtk in a few python scripts causes rpmbuild to go looking for a DISPLAY, using vlc, I circumvented that obstacle. I also manually resize the png's since our version of nautilus doesn't seem to handle it itself...