On our kvm hypervisor we have several vm's using fibre channel for storage. The hypervisor has to see all the devices, but each device has it's own lvm so when the hypervisor boots, it tries to read all of them.

To fix this i restricted lvm to only use sda (documented in lvm.conf). If you are stuck at the vgscan stage
Reading all physical volumes. This may take a while...
Then you probably need to do something similar to this. devices { dir = "/dev" scan = [ "/dev" ] preferred_names = [ ] filter = [ "a|/dev/…

After installing SRSS we tried to setup a gnome kiosk session. There were no prototypes for this installed. After scouring the net we only found an example of something that didn't work :-(. Here is our config.

/etc/opt/SUNWkio/sessions/gnome.conf KIOSK_SESSION_EXEC=/etc/opt/SUNWkio/sessions/gnome/gnome-kiosk KIOSK_SESSION_LABEL="GNOME" KIOSK_SESSION_ICON= KIOSK_SESSION_DESCRIPTION="GNOME" KIOSK_SESSION_APPLAUNCHER=/opt/SUNWkio/lib/kioskapplaunch KIOSK_SESSION_PROTOTYPE=gnome KIOSK_SESSION_ARGS=/usr/bin/gnome-session


We were specifically trying to get skype to work on a sunray. We got audio working by configuring kde.

If you start kcontrol Select: Sound & Multimedia Sound System Hardware We selected Full Duplex and changed the default audio location to that of AUDIODEV (/tmp/SUNWut/dev/utaudio/ut-dsp-0 Apply the changes Then restart the application with artsdsp
[user@host]: artsdsp skype
ICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 753, errno = 0
volume_open: error opening /dev/mixer: No such device
After this,…

After modifying gdm.conf we noticed that Xnewt would not start properly on occassion. Xnewt was not ignoring the vt[0-9] command line option sent to X to specify a virtual console on which to run. We removed this from the command line sent to Xnewt and renamed Xnewt to Xnewt.sun
pushd /usr/X11R6/bin
mv Xnewt Xnewt.sun
echo Xnewt

XFIX=`echo $@ |sed -e's/vt[0-9]*//'`
echo `date`: ARGS=$@ XFIX=$XFIX >>/var/log/Xnewt

exec Xnewt.sun $XFIX -fp unix/:7100
chmod 755 Xnewt