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RHEL6 (beta)

Horde ingo with dovecot sieve doesn't connect

This is just a case of RTFM but I thought I'd share...

nsswitch.conf hosts lookup from ldap on puias6 (RHEL6/CENTOS6) nslcd

We store our host information in ldap. Previously using ldap for host lookups was done by adding the appropriate entries to /etc/ldap.conf and changing nsswitch.conf.

With 6, nss_ldap has been replaced by nslcd, so I needed to change our setup a little.
I put the following into nslcd.conf

uid nslcd
gid ldap
uri ldap://

kickstart problem Partition requires a size specification RHEL6beta

In the process of munging our RHEL5 kickstarts to RHEL6, we started getting this error "Partition requires a size specification", the partition had a size of 0 set in the kickstart, with grow.