After upgrading to 0.25, the following error occurs:
Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Could not intern from pson: Could not convert from pson: Could not find relationship target ''

I don't really see the benefit of using adsense anymore. Everyone knows they're ads, no one clicks. It doesn't pay my isp bills anymore, so I'm dropping it. They were only annoying anyway.

The problem I was trying to fix here was that I had a package that required a much newer version of a library than the system had installed on it. I didn't want to ruin the stability of the system by updating the library so I build it and placed it in a non standard location (harkening back to the solaris days I guess). If you can't guess what the problem was, I called the library package qt4-vlc...hint hint.

I posted some additional material on building rpms in the appendix of the book. I cover how to build an example spec file from scratch. This is similar to what I did in my presentation, just with a lot more detail. I hope to expand this section to cover nested packages and kernel modules. Those sections are not done it here.

I'm still working with my own kvm implementation even though RedHat has released their own in RHEL 5.4, they are, however, at version 83, I'm on 88. I'd rather stay current since kvm is moving so fast that each new version fixes bugs and adds many new features.

I have a server that many people are mistaking for my login (ssh) machine, so I decided to forward attempts to ssh into this machine to my real login machine. I found a few posts on this but they were all somewhat incomplete for my purposes

Here is a talk I gave on creating/building rpms. It covers spec files and some basics of how an rpm is organized. Hopefully it's useful to someone. This includes a tutorial on how to make a spec. I plan of having a more detailed tutorial in the appendix to mybook, I'll post that here when I finish it. rpm-talk

There's nothing special to do here, the only caveat is that you need to enable the non-free repo from fusion and install wl for the wireless driver.

Ok, I accept a little bit of the blame for this one. I started to import my photos using picasa. The first three pictures that were imported were poor, so I decided to delete them. At that point they were the only pictures in the folder, so Picasa decided to delete the folder, even though an import was going on to that folder. All the rest of the pictures went into the abyss. Pretty lame IMHO. Picasa should probably check that it's copying the files to a good location before deleting them from the card.

We share our printers out from cups using samba. It was working great until a recent update broke the drivers from the windows/samba side. I decided to redo the configuration and use the cups driver for everything. Only problem was that after doing that I couldn't add the third (optional) tray to our HP 2420DN. After reading a little about PPD and using cupsaddsmb to install the cups driver for windows clients, I came up with this hack job that appears to be working.