First run xev to see what the keycode is for your Windows Key On my keyboard it is 115 and is bound to Super_L.

This laptop is 100% Lenovo. It's a lot different! I did get the ATI driver working. Update, the ChipID hack is no longer needed, Release 8.25.18 adds support for the V5200.


Finally, 2.6.17-rc6 is able to make this thing sleep and wake properly, phew. Ok, I seem to have a working RPM, so I'll post it, let me know if you have issues with this rpm, I've resumed a few times without issue. This is the Fedora RPM with all the patches but 2.6.17-rc6 removed.

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I sometimes have to transfer files with spaces in the names, I like using a for loop, but the usual way doesn't work. Usual way: for file in `find . -type f|grep .ext$` do /do/something/to $file done To get around this I use a while loop with a read instead. Using the read will read to the end of the line, enclosing within quotes escapes the spaces. Unusual way: find .

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Not really ready yet...just fooling around...

Symptom: iPod is blinking "Do Not Disconnect" even after you've umounted the filesystem.

To create a podcast using php, I added a few things to the feedcreator.class created by

I have a partition formated vfat on my laptop so that I can access it from both Linux and Windows. I store my iTunes music there, so some of the directories have UTF8 characters.